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Feb. 20th, 2018


ehhh...it's almost 2 years no update????? so many things happened, especially in my fandom life. Just for short, almost a year ago, i'm kind of back to Jyanis fandom, after longgggggggg time since JIN's withdrawal. Never expected someone will replace him and make me comeback, and that someone is YAMADA RYOUSKE of HEY!SAY!JUMP. Different generation thos, but luv is luv ^_^
But this time i'm  more like fangirling alone, enjoying myself *but sometimes miss convos and interections with frenz tho, like old days*

Jun. 24th, 2016


woww almost 3 years!!! just a quick update... back to fandom world again , n this time NAM WOOHYOON of Infinite and that's make me fan of INFINITE too... ^^

Nov. 4th, 2013

byebye My Xanga's world ...

Checking my account at Xanga, but turned out they have changed a lot of things, fortunately they  still keep our old archives and can be imported only to wordpress account, which unfortunately i don't have!! T_T Should i make a new account only to re-read my old post?? need to think about it but those posts have lots of memories of my fandom world for yearsssssss!! dou??

Sep. 13th, 2013

Love, Hopes & Dreams ...

Looking to his innocent face, couldn't help to have this kind of mix feelings...
i heart him so much...
sometimes i cry for him... my poor baby
sometimes i laughs and smile ...
sometimes i just stare and wonder..
no words can describe ..
How can this little angel has to gone through a lots in his very young age
can you see what you, adults, have done to this little angel?
It's not this little boy's fault.. why he has to become a victim of their mistakes and selfishness ...

Don't underestimate this little boy's feeling
eventho he's very young, but he understood and understand what happened around him
Try to fill what is missing ... not enough tho but at least he knows that he's being loved

Just waiting ...
'till the selfishness of these people disseapeared
hope it's not to late...
Will regret the precious times lost..

Love, Hopes & Dreams ...

Aug. 27th, 2013

Barefoot Friend....Baker King Yoon Shi Yoon!

When we last time went to Glodok, I found YSY's series Happy Noodle!!  *I have always have soft spot for him since Baker King" It's kind of okay, i like it, only too bad his voice is dubbed otherwise it will be a perfect and will become candidate for my re-watching series list!!
After watched it, made me want to re-watch Baker King again or maybe YSY?? ^_^  and then Baker King ...finished!

I need more!! then i remembered his new first variety show "Barefoot Friend"! Honestly i wanted to watch this show since it's been released , because the casts also have KHJ but after read some bad reviews and low rating, i hold it and didn't bother to search more, not until then, when it reached 18 eps!!

Woww ... didn't expect it though!! The show itself is like what everybody said, the format is kind of off but i like the casts interaction and of course with this kind of show, we will see other casts personality especially YSY which kind of mysterious, interesting and make me more curious.

After doing marathon for 18 eps straight *luvs it when i hv lots of eps in my hand  in one go*,  now the suffer is starting!! i have to wait every week for new episodes, and don't like wait!! Now waiting for ep 19 to be subbed and now i'm digging more of YSY hehe..

Jul. 25th, 2013

just ....

just lurking around and read through some old posts and recited some old memories from that and suddenly just feel want to write something eventho i don't know what to write ^_^

When i read my old post about "1N2D" wowww didn't know that 1 year has passed!! means i've been liking LSG for more than 1 year now hehe that's a surprisingly long for my .. well modus operation?? haha...

Not much fandom activities tho for me, not much efforts i spent like sometimes hmm or yearsss ago, more likely more preserved or calmer or just because i'm getting older?? ^_^ but the crazyness is still there for sure! just  using a different way to express my fandom.

Real life is just like that, there's always ups and downs, sad & happy moments, but 'till now there's no smooth road for me. Can only move toward, keep trying and fighting for the best of it. The harder i get, hopefully i will become more mature and wiser and wish something goods  waiting and come to me

Apr. 8th, 2013


Spent this weekend watching Anime & Wu Xia series, two genres that i haven't touch for quiet sometimes.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

After searching for some anime, i choose this and glad i did, in fact , daisukiiiiiii! Too bad only has 13 eps, so short.. usually 1 season has 22 - 24 eps, isn't?? the characters and story has so much to tell and develop only in 13 eps, but goshh yokatta, it will have 2nd season and will schedule this summer!! Ohh how i love story about  bishounen with mystical power hehe.

Swordman (Xia Ao Jiang Hu) 2013
Ohh i heard a lot (bad things) about this new adaption and after watched it,  i absolutely agreed and joined the club!! First i don't want to watch it especially after i knew Joe Chen will be in it as DFBB who will have luvs going on with LHC but... but...it's Wallace!! and as XAJH support my fetish in some torture pained hero  *coughing* couldn't help it to miss it, glad i have my remote to FF lots of scenes hehe...
other than some my 'love' scenes, other are screwed!
Btw, i like the songs tho "Carefree", and just found out that the opening sung by Wallace himself. I knew it!! because the voice sounds familiar. But overall, kind of enjoyable to spent the rest of my weekend time.

Nov. 6th, 2012

LSG Deabak!!!!!!!!!

He really owns his names and other nicknames he has. Great performances, great entertainer and of course a great person!

and after almost 7 months liking him, i'm ended up with these hehe... it's been so long since my last time enjoying fandom

Ticket LSGLSG Pic

May. 16th, 2012

(no subject)

where am I??? ahh still drowning in LSG's charms and never ending fever ^_^

Mar. 30th, 2012


things happened here and there, just hoping for the good-well-end result all the way
talking about real life story is kind of boring, depressing and sometimes suck eventho there're happy moments too. Better talk my 'other' life story ... which is... of course my fandom life story ^_^

After sometimes with my crazes of "SYP"  which i thought will last longer for couple more weeks, turned out it's over instantly *for now* because i found something that distracted me from it. It's "1N2D variety programme" that i watched by chance on KBS channel, since then i'm hooked and started things as i always do when i'm interested in something (and yess i'm late again) . "Till now i'm still watching and downloading lots of previous eps, honestly get more interest in LSG and yeahh now i know why there're so much fuss about him and there was a time when i got annoyed because my fav aritsts (at that times)'s popularity is below him. And his voice ... woww and he sings my fav genre of music, ballads :)

Now. still in LSG mood and enjoying the moment ... *again* hehe..

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